Recently Installed Public Art Project:

University of Akron, Engineering and Biology building.

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Most commercial lighting is compromised in order to appeal to the masses. Your lighting needs deserve better. Did you know you could have the fixture of your dreams designed and fabricated just for you and your space?

I work directly with the client/owner, architect or designer to achieve the desired design and functional goals. I believe the collaborative process and client input are the catalyst to creative thinking and successful problem solving. Many new ideas and designs hatch from clients' special lighting needs.

Most designs can be scaled up or down in size to fit different locations. If you don't see exactly what you want, I can create a new design for the perfect lighting solution for the space. I keep up with the latest technologies and currently incorporating high efficiency LEDs into my fixtures. Feel free to contact me with your questions - click on the contact button, upper right. My Somerville studio can be visited by appointment.

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Lobby atrium sculpture for Bio Tech company. Stainless steel and polychrome.

Composition of Alliums in stainless and oxidized steel.


Installed 4/22/2010
Circular dining room chandelier in brushed steel with bronze mesh shades.


Installed 3/4/2010
Six-foot long dining room chandelier. Inspired by wave forms and sea kelp. Bronze/Black finish.

Installed 11/05/2009
Six-lamp organic chandelier for dining room. Photo does not show the bronze mesh shades over the bulbs.

Installed 10/07/2009
Broken glass LED chandelier. Cobalt glass goblets belonged to client's mother and were broken accidently. Remade into a chandelier - from disaster to shatterlier.

Base of "shatterlier" showing warm white LEDs. Chandelier consumes almost no power and no bulbs will need replacing.


Bronze bar with wine glass rack. Color changing LEDs illuminate glass 'bubbles' in bar top. More photos and info here.


Large dining room chandelier.


Recently Installed Project: Lighting of steel and fabric for Indian Restaurant, Bukharra in Jamaica Plain. Chandeliers are 4 and 4.5-feet in diameter.


Recently Installed Project: Sculpture commissioned by a community Bank for their new branch lobby. Brushed and polished stainless steel abstract money plant, some believe to be a symbol of future good fortune. 9-feet heigh by 8-feet long and 4-feet deep.

View the Fabrication ProgressHERE.


| Public Art to Help Heal at the Colorado Mental Health Institute.

View the Fabrication Progress here.

The soaring birds sculpture placemarks the main entry of the facility.

Giant Allium sculptures "Flowerworks", fill the courtyards with energy.


Hidden illumination from a sculptural chandelier creates a uniform glow for an entry space. 7-foot long fixture hangs about 14" from ceiling. Low energy consuming LEDs provide maintenance-free illumination.
Concept sketches, in the shop, and a view from under the installed piece.


My public Art sculptures for the State of Colorado are installed. The Colorado Council on the Arts has awarded me two sculpture commissions as part of the percent for the arts, Arts in Public Spaces program. The State is building a new mental health facility in Pueblo where art will have a part in the healing process. One of the commissions is a large sculpture infront of the main Administration building and the other is for two locations between the three main buildings.

Presentation Video of Winning Sculpture here.

Click to download PDF of propasal for Entry sculpture (7.7MB).


THE PHEONIX 6/27/07 |The Brickbottom Artists Association (BAA), which was founded by the original residents of the Brickbottom Artist Building in Somerville, is celebrating 20 years as a vital arts community organization. One of the perks it offers its members is the opportunity to exhibit in the fine Brickbottom Gallery, which is located on the building’s ground floor. “What Is Big?” — the gallery’s annual summer exhibition of work that’s oversized or challenges the idea of scale — opens July 12, with a public opening reception on July 15. Kevin Van Aelst’s clever way with food and art landed him in the pages of the New York Times Style magazine this past May; Wally Gilbert’s large-scale (as big as 8x12) digital photographs have also been known to focus on food, as well as machines, architecture, graffiti, and pure color. And David Tonnesen’s expansive metal sculpture can be seen in public spaces including the Legal Sea Foods HQ in South Boston, where his 45-foot stainless-steel codfish holds sway, and the South End restaurant Sibling Rivalry, where his shiny duo of roosters greet you above the front door. | What is BIG? Brickbottom Gallery, 7/12-8/18/2007, challenges the notion of big. I have a steel fabricated sculpture on display from July 12th through August 18th, 2007. Opening reception Sunday July 15th, 7-9 pm.

Brickbottom Gallery is free, wheelchair accessible and open to the public. For directions and more info visit: http://www.brickbottomartists.com
Gallery Hours: Thurs. - Sat. 12:00 - 5:00 PM and by appointment. 617-776-3410


| Brushed steel chandelier completed and installed in client's dining room. Six 60 watt bulbs cast many interesting shadows and illuminate the curvy lines of the chandelier.

Installed chandelier in the client's home.


| Currently in the shop is a chandelier I am making for a client's dining room. I made a 6 inch tall wire model based on the drawing pictured here. The finished piece will be about 4-1/2 feet tall and have 6 candelabra lamps jutting out of the small cone shapes at the end of the curvy arms. Because the table is long and narrow the chandelier in plan view will have an oval foot print. It will be finished in a brushed silver.


Wire model held above the full scale chandelier in construction


More stainless steel architectural details help visually connect the Tricentennial Monument with the building it sits atop. I recently completed the curved stainless "rail" along the top of the new coping and the fins along the facade. The mid century building needed some unifing elements and architect Arturo Vesquez of SAS Design did a great job designing them. More stainless yet to come. Tubes of stainless will flank the fins at the connection to the facade.


This chandelier was just installed in an entryway/ stairway on a cable lift to allow access for relamping. I used blackened tube steel for the structure and hand blown art glass shades. The overal height is 6-1/2 feet. My intent was to make it light and open and interesting from every angle.


Blackened steel and bronze mesh dining room chandelier installed yesterday. Please see below for larger size images.


Pictured is one of the three chandeliers I am working on. It will be a blackened steel fixture installed over a dining room table. Being about 6 feet long, it will have bronze mesh shades in the form of "rose petals" and hang from two curved tubes.

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