Artscope New England by Franklin Liu
| 'Artscope': In this process, Tonnesen, in three separate collaborations with Josh Wisdumb, has altered the scale of his own sculptures from large back to small, thus retracing his own genesis as a jewelry-designer. Tonnesen’s award winning, 6’x 45’x 24’ stainless steel, abstract “Cod Fish,” appears to writhe near Boston Harbor’s south piers on the premises of Legal Sea Food’s corporate headquarters, who commissioned this kinetic work in 2003. Perhaps it was another corporate art-commission request of Wisdumb’s striking illustrations, noticed in the same year by New Balance, that led Wisdumb to customize a limited edition artist-pattern sneaker line. Tonnesen’s huge, multifaceted sculpture stands in contrast with Wisdumb’s intricate, fragmented lines. Yet, the illustrations are chiseled as if by a sculptor, becoming a bridge of commonality linking the two artists; compelling each artist to reexamine the impact of his own work; asking the question do strong, stand-alone surface-patterns destroy form or enhance it? And how do diametric visual elements coexist as one? View the article here.

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